Sports Trading Monday 11 Dec 17

Lets hope the football trades go better than the horses, I am seriously thinking of stopping trading horses.

It was strange all the trades I did today seemed to go against me, both pre start and in running.

I think my losses could have been a lot higher, I am glad they weren’t.

I traded a couple of football matches, both in the halftime scores and the over/under 2.5 markets.

In the first game my halftime trade did not get matched, and I missed out on a win for this, but that’s how it goes I didn’t lose anything.

The O/U 2.5 was a success but I traded out too early, I did not wait for the second goal I saw green and took it.

I think this had something to do with what I lost on the horses.

It was a different story on the second game both trades got matched, but the halftime scores market was a loss.

I am never sure whether to trade out on this one, I have seen goals getting scored late in the first half so many times.

The second half of the game proved to be fruitful, but it was not a big enough win to recoup my losses on the horses.

Never mind there is always tomorrow.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

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Sports Trading Sunday 10 Dec 17

It would seem I have a bit to learn about trading football, I tried to repeat my success of yesterday but this time it back fired.

Still it is a lesson learned, I now need to fill the hole I have made in my betting bank.

I did my research and everything pointed at, at least one goal in the first half, as I write this I still have a bet open.

It is in the O/U 2.5 goals market I am hoping there at least two goals in the second half, if that happens there is a chance I can break even.

Again my research indicated three goals or more in this game, one team has seven games out of ten with three or more goals, and the other ha ten out of ten with three or more.

No major upsets in the horse trading today, but having said that I did not trade many races.

My trade in the O/U 2.5 came in for me, I did not trade out when the second goal had been score instead I let it run.

The plan was to get out with a minimum of £10 giving a £20 loss on the day, I was just about to cash out when the third goal went in, I ended the day with a £26 profit.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

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Sports Trading Saturday 09 Dec 17

I tried my hand at some football trades this afternoon, I did four in all and only one was successful.

I laid the 0-0 in the half time score market at 2.0 for £2, I actually set it up on about ten games and it was only the four that got matched.

The horses faired a bit better, I got seventeen good trades this afternoon.

I tried to get £1 in each race I traded, I did pre race on all trades and the in running to make it up to the pound.

As soon as I hit the pound or more I was out of that race and on to the next, I was using a three tick offset, there was one race where with very little movement so I use a one tick offset.

I wish I could say the same for the night races, you guessed it I messed up again, I ended up doing 21 trades altogether 19 of them were good.

Football was the saviour of the day, I did another half time 0-0 lay and laid the under 2.5, both of these came in for me giving me a profit for the day.

In the videos below are my mentors trading, both using their own technique to make a profit before the race starts.

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Sports Trading Friday 08 Dec 17

Another bad trade today whatever you do don’t read yesterday’s post, I gave you some rules to trade by.

It was good advice and it does apply, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to carry it out.

I did the same thing I mentioned in that post, and started the day with a big loss.

The best thing about it is I got stuck in and traded myself back to scratch, once again I had the front runner focus to thank for a couple of my decent sized wins.

Unfortunately I had to go out and missed half a dozen races, otherwise I am sure I would have got myself into profit, as I write this the night racing is about to start.

It’s not what I had planned for this evening but.

Well I had a go at the horses in the night races, and once again I started off with a bad trade, twice in the same day.

I am not far away from being a half decent trader, if only I can stop myself making these silly mistakes.

I did 17 good trades today, and they added up to £20 that’s not bad for someone who still considers himself as a person who is still in the learning stages of trading.

I can tell you how not to do it, if you want to know how to do it you need to visit my mentors pages, they both have different styles but both a very successful traders.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

Sports Trading

Trading Horses

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Sports Trading Thursday 07 Dec 17

One trade too many, that’s what did it today I had a nice little green and had to go and spoil it.

All the good work on the football the other night blown away in one horse race.

If anyone is reading this you need to take note, the only thing stopping me from becoming successful at this is me.

I have done the training live and with eBooks and videos, I know the right thing to do but I still keep making silly mistakes.

Thankfully I am only working with a small betting bank otherwise I would be well out of pocket by now.

My advice to anyone starting out in this, is to practise in training mode for a while, once you have an idea how things work.

Then use your small betting bank and set your trading API to liability, that way you keep your losses to a minimum.

And don’t do what I have been doing.
Instead follow these simple rules: –

1 Don’t take your trade in running, unless that is what you intended to do.
2 Take the small loss and move on.
3 Don’t chase your losses, if you do you will only make them bigger.
4 If you trade in running, stop when the race is at the halfway point.

When is it OK to take your trade in running, when you intended to meaning you are doing a BTL (back to lay) or vice versa.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

Sports Trading

Trading Horses

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Sports Trading Wednesday 06 Dec 17

There is only one black mark against me today, and it is all my own fault I should have exited earlier than I did.

Like normal I left it too late to get out for a small loss, so I found myself trying to get back into the green.

All I did was manage to get it halved which I think is alright, before you say it, no I did not take it in running.

It was an in running trade, I was trading the favourite who was running in third place, the usual story its price came in as soon as I was matched, it went and touched my exit point but did not take it.

After that I had a couple of chances to take the small loss, but no I let it go and started panicking when the price got close to a £10 loss, I was lucky to get out when I did.

I kept at it and ended the day £5 up, small acorns grow into big trees.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

Trading Horses

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Sports Trading Tuesday 05 Dec 17

I tried something new today and it did not quite come off, so I was off to a bad start down £5 after the first two races.

It’s not all bad news though by the end of trading I was £3 up, not a massive amount but better than being down.

In the first race I tried a back to lay, I was only trying to get 4 ticks I set it and left it while I went for something to eat, I am glad I only use a £2 stake.

I didn’t just try one thing in the second race, I tried a combination the first thing I tried I suppose you could call it swing trading.

I had watched a video on YouTube, the person in it put in his bid but if it went wrong he got out, and then let it settle and try again and it worked quite well.

This was the first thing I tried second race, it went against me and I got out, I let it settle and tried again and again it went against me and again I got out.

So I let it settle and tried again the same thing, now the problem is my losses where mounting up and the race was about to start.

In the video he always stopped trading before the start so I did, what I did next was try a back to lay on a horse that I had a tip for.

At the start of the race it looked like the horse was going to do well and the price started to come in, but did not quite reach my exit point before it started going backwards.

Never mind I thought it’s a three mile race there’s a chance it could get back into the race, so I let it run and it just kept going backwards.

At that point I reverted back to my normal trading system.

It has been a while but last night I decided to try a football trade, I was following someone else’s system.

He lay’s the draw in the halftime market, he does his research and only picks games were there has been a high level of goals for both teams.

And he only does this if the price is 2.5 or below, I let the game start as the price was above this but there had been no score in the first 20 minutes.

So I got in at 2.20 the goal did not come till around the fortieth minute, which was quite a relief as I was thinking of getting out to reduce my losses.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

Sports Trading

Trading Horses and Football

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Sports Trading 04 Dec 17

A successful day with no going in running, there was one race where it came close to the race starting, but I had my mouse on the exit figure.

I didn’t need it because I got matched before the start, this horse was like the one from yesterday at the top of its range.

But unlike yesterday I laid it first, it did the same thing and moved a couple of ticks in the wrong direction.

I had some success with swing a trade, I backed the horse before the off and set my exit at 4 ticks lower.

Another race I tried what someone called a DOB, my understanding of this is you place a bet before the start at the highest price you can get.

And put you exit at half that price for double of the original bet, this was my only red for the day as the horse did not come far enough in to complete the bet.

But as I was trying it out I only used a small stake.

I had a few scary moments when trading in running, a couple of them went against me one of them I had to take a loss but managed to turn it around on another horse.

The other came back to my exit when the horse was nearly brought down by another horse.

All in all it was a good day let’s see what tomorrow brings.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

One Tick Scalping by Tony Hargraves.

Tony actually shows you what he does and tells you why he is doing it.

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Sports Trading Sunday 03 Dec 17

I did a few good trades today, but I found myself doing it again letting a trade go in play.

It started off as the favourite and when I put my bid in it was trading higher than it had been all day, that to me says its price is going to shorten.

But it went out two ticks, and stayed there I thought as soon as the race starts it will come in.

It looked at one point as if I was going to be on another loser, for some reason the price started to drift.

I could not understand why the horse was running second and looked to be doing well, the front horse made a mistake and the price came in and I got matched.

Just in time too because the horse started going backwards, and did not get back into the race.

A narrow escape and if I am going to make any money at this I need to stop doing it, besides which it is not good for the nerves.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

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Sports Trading Saturday 02 Dec 17

Disaster, twice I have taken my bank to 150 and then took it back to 100, it seems like I am not supposed to get past this point.

It was the same old thing letting it go in play, I just don’t seem to be able to get it into my head to get out early and take the small loss.

I just keep thinking it will come back, and sometimes it does but I need to stop doing this or I am never going to be able to earn that extra bit of cash.

The best thing was the biggest loss of the day I could have scratched it and not lost a penny.

It was one tick bellow me and stayed there for a while, even after the race had started.

I know what to do and when to do it I just need to start doing it.

I could do with someone standing at the back of me with a stick, hitting me on the head as a reminder that it’s time to get out.

A whole week’s good work gone in an afternoon.

My Mentors Tony Hargraves and Caan Berry

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